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At Patrick P O'Sullivan& Co. Solicitors, we literally have years of experience in advising our client in this important area of law. We all get older and it is often a huge concern as to what will happen if we find that someday we will no longer be able to manage our own affairs.

People often find that they feel a great sense of relief and comfort in knowing that they have made arrangements for the day, if it ever comes, when they need to rely on the people that they looked after and supported during the course of their lives, to manager their affairs for them..

Where a person no longer has the ability to manage their own affairs; and they have not put in place an Enduring Power of Attorney, they may end up being made a Ward of Court.

It is therefore preferable that while a person is well they put in place an Enduring Power of Attorney and ensure that the people they trust are put in a position to look after their interest when they can no longer do so themselves.

A person creating an Enduring Power or Attorney is known as the “Donor" and the person receiving the power to look after the Donor's affairs under the Power of Attorney is known as the “Attorney".

It is important to understand that once a Power of Attorney has been set up, no power is given to the person that has been appointed to act as the Attorney, until such time as the power of Attorney has been registered, if ever. The registration of a Power of Attorney involves an application to the High Court, a large number of proofs are required to complete the registration, as the whole process is designed to ensure that the person creating the power of attorney is protected.

The main thing to remember is that a power of attorney can only be activated after it registration has been completed and for the registration process to proceed a huge amount of expert evidence will need to be provided to the Court confirming that the Donor no longer has the capacity to look after his or her own affairs.

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