Check list for buying a house

Check list for buying a house- Dublin Conveyancing/ Property Solicitors

Before entering into any contract to purchase a house, there are a number of matters which you should address. If you are thinking about purchasing a property at auction then you should ensure that your have adequate financing and have taken full legal advice on the property prior to making a bid.

Ensure that you have calculated all the expenditure you will incur and make sure that you have adequate financing to meet all the costs associated which purchasing the property. These expenses will include:

The Purchase Price of the Property

Building Survey

Valuation Report

Legal Fees and Outlay

Stamp Duty

Building Insurance

Life Assurance

Mortgage and Associated Outlay Costs

Make sure that you have your financing ready, you need clarity as to the amount of monies you have to spend, so ensure that your have a final unconditional loan offer from your Mortgage provider. Arrange to have monies available for:

The booking deposit

The deposit to be paid on the signing of the contract

Stage payment, where necessary

Bridging finance were necessary

All necessary expenditure you will incur to comply with your pre-mortgage drawdown requirements.

Be clear on exactly what it is you are buying:

Confirm whether or not any contents of the property are to form part of the contract price.

Check whether or not the road and services to and from the property have be taken in charge by the Local Authority

Employer an engineer to confirm that the identity of the property is correct.

Check that Building Regulation and Planning Permission have been complied with.


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